DSCF0714 copy

MS. Yesterday I spent the day visiting some studios in Shoreditch, as part of RIBAs London Festival of Architecture. It was a great opportunity to have a nosy around some interesting studios, and gain an insight into their working process. Most of the offices felt a little staged, with rows of pristine models and some suspiciously tidy desks! The studio that stood out for me was Duggan Morris (pictured above and below). Although an exhibition of current work had been laid out for visitors, the rest of the office had been left in its natural state. It was great to see stacks of samples, reference clippings and sketch models dotted around the office – this is the sort of environment we hope to create when we finally get round to starting our own studio.

DSCF0712 copy

The facade studies (above) are presented next to the entrance of the studio – it is refreshing to see an office present their process so beautifully. There were many exquisite presentation models dotted around the office, but it was the more crude, working models that i enjoyed the most. 

DSCF0710 copy

One of their current projects happens to be on site just around the corner from their Shoreditch studio, on Curtain Road. The project involves the refurbishment of an existing 3 storey brick building and the addition of 3 additional storeys of office space in a restrained palette of perforated metal and glass. As part of the small exhibition, the proposal for Curtain Road was presented with a selection of study and presentation models – there was even some construction drawings and a mock-up of the cladding panels.

DSCF0706 copy

Since the site was so nearby, I decided to take a look… Here’s a some of my photographs;

DSCF0717 copyDSCF0723 copyDSCF0729 copyDSCF0735 copy


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