SS (Sigrún Sumarlidadottir)

We are two young architects, working in Oslo and London. Having graduated together at TU Delft a couple of years ago we found the need to reopen the exchange of ideas and opinions that so enriched our experience at university. At the end of our Masters we decided to create a small exhibition to showcase the value of good and sustained dialogue.

In 2010 we wrote; This exhibition is the culmination of a year long conversation between two graduating students with questionable social skills. Mark Smyth and Sigrún Sumarlidadottir. Our projects display a similar attitude towards the design of a cultural building. The extremely different contexts bring the shared sensibility of the projects into focus. We hope the exhibition will highlight the importance of conversation amongst and between students and designers.

MS (Mark Smyth)

This year, we met in Venice for the Biennale. During one of our many spritz fuelled conversations, we both hit upon the same point – how could we transform our drunken ramblings into something useful, something akin to our shared work at university – in short, something that could move our ideas forward? Well here it is… an archive of sorts – a written and visual record of our discussions, our influences and our work.

Sigrun and I see this project as a way to maintain our critical attitude, while we gain experience in the everyday bricks and mortar of the practicing architect.

We will post about recurring themes and fascinations as well as singular events and exhibitions in our respective cities.

In the future we hope to add more voices to the conversation…  So please reply to our posts, especially if you disagree!


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